MPP 62: It’s Not Dead Yet

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If you like adventure, you'll like shooting expired film! This time around I speak with James Thorpe, a photographer who does amazing work with expired film. I highly recommend checking out his work on flickr at .

Here is one example of the kind of work he does

Ghosts of Grauman's Chinese Theatre


MPP 61: Abandoned

Photographic documentation of Urban Exploration of abandoned / derelict spaces and buildings can result in compelling and though provoking images. In this episode I speak with my friend and photographer Giovanni Geo Romolo about his years of expeprience working in this genre. Some samples of his work can be seen below. The Play button for the show is after the images


MPP 60: Toronto Days

I recently had the pleasure ot talking with Canadian Photographer Avard Woolaver; We spoke about his "Toronto Days" project: images he created of Toronto in the 1980's when he as a student in the city.

You can see his Toronto Days project here. I a'd also recommend his Facebook page and his blog The Image Journey!


MPP 59: Portraits

In this episode I speak wth my friend (and fellow CCR host) James Lee about portraiture and film cameras. Check out James' work on Flickr  ( and 500px ( !


MPP 58: Photography for the Fun of It

After a long absence, time to prove the show isn't dead! I talk about my break-up with 4x5/Large Format, and lenses I love shooting with my Voigtlander Bessa R2M

Example photo of taken with the 25mm Voigtlander Snap Skopar




MPP 57: A Tale of Three Rangefinders

This time around, I compare my experience with three different 35mm rangefinders:

Leica IIIa

Zorki 4

Voigtlander Bessa R2M


MPP 56; A Lighttight Box

All cameras reduce down to a Light light box, a lens (or a pinhole) and somewhere to put film or a sensor. Does that mean all cameras are the same? How does choice of camera affect the creation of photographs?

This week I am joined by my good friend Bill Smith, one of the cohosts of the Classic Camera Revival podcast and a great photographer!

I highly recommend checking out his photo blog: and his Instagram feed:



MPP 55: Chaos and Pain

Today I speak with photographer Tammy McDowell about where creativity comes from.

I highly recommend checking out her work! Amazing monochrome flower images



MPP 54: Kodak Medalist and C-41 Colour Development

This time around I talk about my beloved Kodak Medalist 620 camera. I love that beast!

Some sample images taken with this camera:


I also talk about C-41 home colour processing with my kit from Argentix.



MPP 53: Don’t Be Afraid

This week I have a chat with Toronto Street Photogapher Leon Bonin about his gift for fearlessly approaching strangers to take their photograph.

Some Examples of Leon's great work:

And a portrait I took of Leon in 2016

I also talk about usability and old habits.