MPP 48: Examining the Moment

This week I am again happy to be speaking with Moni Smith, another talented pinhole photographer, who also runs a Photography Postcard Exchange.

You can learn more about Moni and see her work here and here.

Learn more about the Photo Postcard swap here. Why not join?

More information on the Pinhole Assist iPhone app.




MPP 47: A Conversation With Kathrena Revera

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with photographer Kathrena Revera. We talked about photographic motivation in the age of social media (inspired by this article linked to by Kathrena) as well as Kathrena's approach to photography and her work using pinhole and toy cameras.

I strongly recommend checking out Kathrena's Instagram feed as well as her blog!


MPP 46: Introversion

Today I talk about photography and introversion, as well as mentionning more exciting film news from Adox, ferrania and Bergger.


MPP 45: Talking With Jeremy North

I had a lot of fun talking photography with Jeremy North in England via Skype this morning. I am lining up a couple of other guests but if you want to talk photography and want to be on the show please let me know!


Jeremy's Flickr stream

Jeremy's blog


MPP 44: I’m a Manual Guy

This time around, more exciting slide film news! Kodachrome Developing! Kelly-Shane Fuller offers Kodachrome developing!

I interviewed Kelly-Shane indepth about his process last year for the Classic Camera Revival Podcast. Listen here.

Continuing my cranky old-timer theme, I talk about manual focus, manual exposure, and physical controls on cameras.

Here is an example of shooting at a foggy beach where manual controls really helped me.



MPP 43: Freedom From Choice

This time around, I talk about my limited gear choices as a teen in the 1970's and why in retrospect it was a good thing. Also, why computers are the best thing that ever happened to film photography!

Links to cameras discussed:

Brownie Hawkeye

Voigtlander Vito B

Yashical TL-Electro



MPP 42: Slide Film Isn’t Dead, It was Just Resting

This week, the return of Kodak Ektachrome slide film, and Kodachrome Rumours!

Curing My Gas!

Kodak's Ektachrome announcement

Kodoachrome returning? 

Example of my home developed E-6 film

Check me out now on Instagram: johngmeadows







MPP 41: A New Year

A new year in photography!

My New Year's Day Photography:

My list of photo challenges for the year





MPP 40: My Photography Podcast, Hand-Tinted

For my last episode of 2016, I talk about hand-tinting prints using Marshall Photo Oils and regular pencil crayons.

Using Pencil Crayons

Trees - Hand tinted

Using Marshall Photo Oils


Looking for Marshall Photo Oils? Here is one link (I don't get anything for posting it BTW):



MPP 39: My Phantastic Pholder

One day early, here is this week's episode of MPP.

I talk about printing, as well as a new (to me) camera, the Voigtlander Bessa 66 medium format folder.

The Bessa 66 open

Bessa 66 Open

and closed:

Bessa 66 closed

Here are two examples of images I took using this lovely camera: