MPP 54: Kodak Medalist and C-41 Colour Development

This time around I talk about my beloved Kodak Medalist 620 camera. I love that beast!

Some sample images taken with this camera:


I also talk about C-41 home colour processing with my kit from Argentix.



MPP 53: Don’t Be Afraid

This week I have a chat with Toronto Street Photogapher Leon Bonin about his gift for fearlessly approaching strangers to take their photograph.

Some Examples of Leon's great work:

And a portrait I took of Leon in 2016

I also talk about usability and old habits.



MPP 52: Imperfections

Imperfection is the common theme this week; I talk about how I love the artistic effect of the optical imperfections of the Helios 44/2 lens, and the copy of got for my Nikon, tricked out to work on a Nikon body, by this clever technician (fascinating video by the way).

The other aspect of Imperfection is a reflection on my piano lessons and music, and dealing with the ups and downs of the creative process.

Here are a couple of examples of the swirly effect that is possible with the Helios 44 series of lenses.



MPP 51: The Other Side of the Lens

This week I speak with model/musican Kristen Au and her partner Karl Johnson about the challenges of modelling, and in particular life/art/nude modelling. It is a profession that does not get the respect it deserves.

Here is an example of work I have done with Kristen in the past.




MPP 50: Frame of Mind

For my 50th episode I thought it most appropriate to have as my guest my dear friend Ken Bole AKA "Scarborough Dude" who helped me get my start in podcasting over a decade ago. Ken describes his first camera, and how photography was different in the past compared to today. The show ends off with a piece of original music!


MPP 49: Passion and Compassion

Note: Link to this episode is at the bottom of the show notes.

This week I am priviledged to once again have the opportunity to speak with wet plate photographer Shane Balkowitsch. Shane has attracted a lot of attention recently for his project Northern Plains: Native Americans A Modern Wet Plate Perspective, as well as for a  hardhitting satirical image of Donald Trump.

We talk about politics, activism and committment to a cause and how it is reflected in his amazing work.

My interview with Shane for Classic Camera Revival.

Example for the Northern Plains project:

Archie D. Fool Bear, (Kokipesni) "Afraid of Nothing", Upper Yanktonai Dakota Sioux


Donald Trump - "POTUS Revealed" 
Model: Kevin R. Tengesdal




MPP 48: Examining the Moment

This week I am again happy to be speaking with Moni Smith, another talented pinhole photographer, who also runs a Photography Postcard Exchange.

You can learn more about Moni and see her work here and here.

Learn more about the Photo Postcard swap here. Why not join?

More information on the Pinhole Assist iPhone app.




MPP 47: A Conversation With Kathrena Revera

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with photographer Kathrena Revera. We talked about photographic motivation in the age of social media (inspired by this article linked to by Kathrena) as well as Kathrena's approach to photography and her work using pinhole and toy cameras.

I strongly recommend checking out Kathrena's Instagram feed as well as her blog!


MPP 46: Introversion

Today I talk about photography and introversion, as well as mentionning more exciting film news from Adox, ferrania and Bergger.


MPP 45: Talking With Jeremy North

I had a lot of fun talking photography with Jeremy North in England via Skype this morning. I am lining up a couple of other guests but if you want to talk photography and want to be on the show please let me know!


Jeremy's Flickr stream

Jeremy's blog