MPP 58: Photography for the Fun of It

After a long absence, time to prove the show isn't dead! I talk about my break-up with 4x5/Large Format, and lenses I love shooting with my Voigtlander Bessa R2M

Example photo of taken with the 25mm Voigtlander Snap Skopar




MPP 57: A Tale of Three Rangefinders

This time around, I compare my experience with three different 35mm rangefinders:

Leica IIIa

Zorki 4

Voigtlander Bessa R2M


MPP 56; A Lighttight Box

All cameras reduce down to a Light light box, a lens (or a pinhole) and somewhere to put film or a sensor. Does that mean all cameras are the same? How does choice of camera affect the creation of photographs?

This week I am joined by my good friend Bill Smith, one of the cohosts of the Classic Camera Revival podcast and a great photographer!

I highly recommend checking out his photo blog: and his Instagram feed:



MPP 55: Chaos and Pain

Today I speak with photographer Tammy McDowell about where creativity comes from.

I highly recommend checking out her work! Amazing monochrome flower images



MPP 54: Kodak Medalist and C-41 Colour Development

This time around I talk about my beloved Kodak Medalist 620 camera. I love that beast!

Some sample images taken with this camera:


I also talk about C-41 home colour processing with my kit from Argentix.



MPP 53: Don’t Be Afraid

This week I have a chat with Toronto Street Photogapher Leon Bonin about his gift for fearlessly approaching strangers to take their photograph.

Some Examples of Leon's great work:

And a portrait I took of Leon in 2016

I also talk about usability and old habits.



MPP 52: Imperfections

Imperfection is the common theme this week; I talk about how I love the artistic effect of the optical imperfections of the Helios 44/2 lens, and the copy of got for my Nikon, tricked out to work on a Nikon body, by this clever technician (fascinating video by the way).

The other aspect of Imperfection is a reflection on my piano lessons and music, and dealing with the ups and downs of the creative process.

Here are a couple of examples of the swirly effect that is possible with the Helios 44 series of lenses.



MPP 51: The Other Side of the Lens

This week I speak with model/musican Kristen Au and her partner Karl Johnson about the challenges of modelling, and in particular life/art/nude modelling. It is a profession that does not get the respect it deserves.

Here is an example of work I have done with Kristen in the past.




MPP 50: Frame of Mind

For my 50th episode I thought it most appropriate to have as my guest my dear friend Ken Bole AKA "Scarborough Dude" who helped me get my start in podcasting over a decade ago. Ken describes his first camera, and how photography was different in the past compared to today. The show ends off with a piece of original music!


MPP 49: Passion and Compassion

Note: Link to this episode is at the bottom of the show notes.

This week I am priviledged to once again have the opportunity to speak with wet plate photographer Shane Balkowitsch. Shane has attracted a lot of attention recently for his project Northern Plains: Native Americans A Modern Wet Plate Perspective, as well as for a  hardhitting satirical image of Donald Trump.

We talk about politics, activism and committment to a cause and how it is reflected in his amazing work.

My interview with Shane for Classic Camera Revival.

Example for the Northern Plains project:

Archie D. Fool Bear, (Kokipesni) "Afraid of Nothing", Upper Yanktonai Dakota Sioux


Donald Trump - "POTUS Revealed" 
Model: Kevin R. Tengesdal